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EJOT BA-V Plus Throughbolt - Carbon Steel

Manufacturer: EJOT
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The EJOT BA-V Plus Throughbolt is a robust torque-controlled expansion anchor made of zinc-plated steel. Specifically designed for push-through installations, it features a punch bolt head to prevent thread destruction. With its active knurls, this anchor ensures a secure grip and facilitates quick tightening, providing reliable and efficient anchoring performance.


  • Fire restistance classes F30, F60, F90, F120
  • Colored setting depth marking on the thread
  • For pre-, push-through and distance installations
  • 30 – 50% fewer turns for the assembly torque


For embedment of medium heavy to heavy fixings such as pillars, metal structures and wooden structures into cracked/non-cracked concrete and natural stone. Suitable for indoor use.