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Fischer Injection Mortar FIS V Plus 360 S

SKU: 558746
£128.98 ex VAT
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The Fischer FIS V Plus is a high-quality 2-component injection mortar, utilizing a vinyl ester hybrid concept. It features separate chambers for resin and hardener, ensuring mixing during extrusion. The bubble-free mortar forms a strong bond, covering the entire anchor surface and sealing the drill hole. Fischer dispensers make cartridge usage quick and easy, while partially used cartridges can be reused by changing the static mixer. *1 box consists of 6 FIS V Plus 360ml cartridges.


  • ETA approval for post-installed rebar connections
  • Maximum load absorption for much greater security.
  • Approved service life of 100 years.
  • Application in water-filled boreholes.


For fixing steelwork constructions, timber constructions, guard rails, façades, staircases, steel brackets, machines, masts, awnings, canopies, gates, consoles, pipelines, gratings, satellite antennas to cracked & non-cracked concrete, perforated brick, solid brick, hollow block and aerated concrete. Approved for rebar connections, remedial wall ties, weather facing reconstruction systems, and stand-off installions.