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Fischer Machine Setting Tool RA-SDS

SKU: 062420
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The Fischer RA SDS setting tool is designed for the approval-compliant mounting of Fischer rod anchors RG M with Fischer mortar cartridges. It features an SDS Plus holder for compatibility with hammer drills, ensuring a secure fit. With an internal thread for the accompanying Allen key, it enables easy and precise mixing of cartridge components, ensuring reliable installations.


  • Approval-compliant mounting: Designed to meet approval standards for secure and compliant mounting of Fischer resin studs
  • SDS Plus holder for compatibility: Features an SDS Plus holder, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of hammer drills and providing a secure and reliable fit
  • Easy and precise mixing with internal thread: The setting tool facilitates easy and precise mixing of cartridge components, ensuring consistent and accurate resin and hardener blending for reliable and durable anchor installations


For the automatic setting of RG M threaded rods without outer hexagon.