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Fischer Resin Capsule RM II

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The Fischer Resin Capsule RM II coupled with the Fischer RG M threaded rod is the first capsule with European Technical Assessment Option 1 for cracked concrete, which does not require hold cleaning.. The sturdy plastic outer shell houses the resin and hardener components, keeping them separate until activation.


  • Convenient Installation: The Fischer Resin Capsule RM II simplifies anchoring with its pre-measured two-component design, saving time and effort during installation
  • Reliable Bonding: The resin and hardener components create a strong adhesive bond, ensuring secure and durable connections
  • Compatibility: Specifically designed for use with Fischer RG M Studs, providing compatibility and optimized performance
  • Efficient Application: The capsule format eliminates the need for separate measuring and mixing of resin components, streamlining the anchoring process


For fixing steel constructions, guard rails, staircases, column bases, machines, masts, removable fixings, temporary fixings (e.g. for machines), scaffold anchoring to cracked/non-cracked concrete or natural stone with a dense structure. Also approved for overhead installations and water-filled drill holes.

RG M Stud Match

Resin Capsule RM II SizeRG M Stud
M8 x 80mm8mm x 110mm
M10 x 90mm10mm x 130mm
M12 x 110mm12mm x 160mm
M16 x 125mm16mm x 190mm
M20/22 x 170/190mm20mm x 260mm
M24 x 210mm24mm x 300mm