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Paslode 360Xi Accessories

Cleaners, batteries, spare parts & more.

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Paslode 360Xi No-Mar Cladding Probe

No-mar probe for cladding applications with 360Xi cordless framing nailers.

Paslode 360Xi Cladding Probe Rubber Kit

Rubber kit for cladding probe of IM90, IM360 & IM100 cordless framing nailers.

Paslode In-Car Charger

In-car adaptor for charger of paslode and spit cordless nailers

Paslode Lithium Battery Charger

Lithium battery charger for cordless ci framing & finish nailers. Compatible with Paslode nail gun batteries.

Paslode Lithium Battery

High capacity lithium battery compatible with Paslode nail guns.

Impulse Cleaner

The Impulse cleaner is a spray cleaner specifically designed to clean Paslode and Spit Pulsa tools.