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Paslode IM200 Accessories

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Impulse Cleaner

The Impulse cleaner is a spray cleaner specifically designed to clean Paslode and Spit Pulsa tools.

Paslode & Pulsa Lubricating Oil

This lubricating oil keeps your nail guns performing to an optimal standard, and helps to maintain the high-quality performance that SPIT is so well known for. If you’re a professional tradesperson in carpentry, woodwork, or construction and often need to quickly finish tasks that need many nails driven into materials, then this oil helps keep the job moving smoothly.

Paslode Impulse IM200 Ni-Cd/Ni-MH Battery Charger Base

Battery charger base for Paslode and Spit NiCd cordless nailers

Paslode IM200 Lithium Battery

Nimh round battery for IM200 cordless nailers & staplers