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Spit Mini Magnetic Nose Piece

Manufacturer: Spit
SKU: 923800
£40.00 ex VAT
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Magnetic nose piece for fast and easy installation of metal cable management fixings, compatible with all standard PULSA E nose pieces.


Mini Magnetic Nose Piece for use with PULSA E systems. Easier and faster installation of 18th Edition compliant metal accessories such as metal clip elec, MCCO clip and other metal cable management accessories.


  • No need to switch nose pieces for installation of plastic and metal cable management accessories.
  • Quick and easy to clip on and remove from tool.
  • Use with all standard PULSA E tools.
  • Cost effective solution available in pack of 3 as standard.


  • 18th Edition compliant metal cable management fixings.
  • Metal fixings with Pulsa E systems