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Spit Pulsa 40P+ Accessories

Nose pieces, batteries, cleaners & more.
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Spit Flat Magnetic Pin Guide

The flat magnetic pin guide is designed for use with Pulsa nailers to ensure the safe application of M&E accessories such as pipe clips and cable tie clips.

Spit Magnetic Washer Pin Guide

The magnetic washer pin guide is designed for use with Pulsa gas nailers to enable the application of Spit steel washers.

Spit Pulsa Pin Guide

Pin guide for use with Pulsa tools.

Spit Pulsa 20 Pin Magazine

20-pin standard magazine for P40/ P800 nailing tools.

Spit Pulsa Lithium Battery

High capacity quick charge lithium battery.

Spit Pulsa Battery Charger

The Spit All In One Battery Charger is a fast charging system that allows you to charge your battery pack to full capacity in as little as 90 minutes!