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Spit Pulsa Clips

Cable management accessories for Pulsa gas nailers

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Plastic Clip-Elec Base Plate

The Spit Clip-Elec Base Plate is an all purpose base plate for use with cable ties for fastening conduit & cable.

Spit Metal Cable Tie Base

Simple & cost-effective accessory, especially where metal fixings are specifically required. For use with magnetic pin guide

Spit Metal Washer

The Spit Metal Washer is a strong fixing which prevents fixture pull-over. For use with the Spit magnetic pin guide as part of the Pulsa fastening system.

Spit Metal Clip Elec

Metal cable tie base, with a snap-off safety tab version.

Spit All Purpose Steel Band

All purpose band to fix multiple conduits

Spit Conduit E-CLIP

For fastening conduit and pipework to floors and walls.

Spit Pulsa CT Clip

The Spit CT Clip is a moulded cable tie for securing facilities up to 32mm diameter. The most time-efficient solution for electrical fastening.

Spit Pulsa Steel P Clip

The Steel P-Clip designed to fix conduits & pipework to floors and walls. 18th Edition compliant metal clips that are the quickest solution for fixing conduit and pipework.

Spit Pulsa Threaded Rod Hanger

The Spit Pulsa threaded Rod Hanger holds threaded rod up to 600mm long, chain or suspension cables can be hung from the clip. The unique design enables the quality of the fixing to be tested as it is bent into place.