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2PSD Drive Bit

2PSD Drive Bit to suit CFC26 screws

Fein ASCS 6.3 SELECT Cordless Screw Gun Set

The Fein ASCS 6.3 SELECT is a speed-optimised cordless drill/driver for screw connections in metal up to a diameter of 6.3 mm.

Hex Drive Socket (MES5/16)

The Hex Drive Socket (MES5/16) is the perfect bit for driving in most things with a hex head whether its a nut, bolt, self-drilling screw or sheet metal screw. It has a magnet built-in which holds the fitting in place allowing for easier application. The nutsetter is made from toughened steel alloy for greater stability and strength. It has a 1/4" shank, fits a 5/16" hex nut and is 65mm total in length.

Phillips Torsion Drive Bit No.2

Reisser Torsion Drive Bit's are individually precision milled to give an optimal fit in the fastener recess. Using V5 modified tool steel and a reduced torsion area for increased flexibility creates a tough and durable bit with excellent service life.